No capo                                            Gm 355333

Gm      C Gm   Gm      C Gm                         C x32010

Gm                    C   Gm                      Cm7 x35343

When you're down and out                          Bb7 x13131

Gm                  C     Gm                      Dm7 xx0211

And you feel real hurt                             D7 xx0212

Cm7       Cm7                  Cm7

Come on over            

Gm                     C     Gm

To the place where i work


All your loneliness

Dm7               Cm7

I'll try to soothe     D7

Gm                       C    Gm

I'll play the blues for you 

Don't be afraid

To come on in

Just might run across

Some of your old friends

All your loneliness

I'll try to soothe

I'll play the blues for you

Ain't no big name

Oh lord i ain't no star

I'll play the blues for you

In my guitar (or wherever you are)

All your lonelyness

I will try to soothe

I'll play the blues for you


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