Gretsch G5420T Electromatic

small gretschG5420t 

This is probably my favorite guitar and gets played daily

FeaturesThis guitar has the Gretsch Dual-Coil humbucking pickups, an adjustable bridge, chrome-plated die-cast tuners, and a Bigsby vibrato tailpiece. These Gretsch's are manufactured in Korea. It is crafted with a laminated maple body 24-3/4" rosewood fretboard on maple neck Bigsby B60 vibrato tailpiece 16" x 2.75" laminated maple hollowbody Laminated maple neck (24.6" scale) Rosewood fingerboard 21 medium jumbo frets 1-11/16" nut width Vintage style machine heads 2 Gretsch chrome covered Dual-Coil pickups Master tone, master volume, neck pickup volume, bridge pickup volume 3-position pickup toggle G-Arrow Knobs Adjusto-Matic bridge on rosewood base Chrome-plated hardware Gloss urethane finish                                                   

Sound: When I had purchased this guitar I was strictly using solid body guitars such as my Epiphone Les Paul Black Beauty and my Fender Stratocaster and was looking for a different sound. I was instantly a fan of the sound and more importantly a fan of the stock pickups. While playing the Gretsch I was instantly able to hear the breathability of this guitar. It had a very warm tone. To me I instantly felt like I could be playing in any R&B band (sound wise not ability) from the 50's and 60's. The air passing through the body gives it a very warm yet clear sound. Sharp but not punchy, clear but not too crisp. It has a soft side to it, an old rustic blues side. Reason being is this body type speaks very well to Jazz. As I am not a Jazz player I wanted to make sure this guitar could handle the music I play.

Epiphone Les Paul Black Beauty

les paul custom black beauty

Features: This guitar is gorgeous.  It's a Japanese made Epiphone Black Beauty, gold hardware, mother of pearl inlays, GORGEOUS!  3 way selector, solid body, rosewood, 22 1/2 frets + gig bag.                         

Sound: This guitar has a great meaty and clean sound.  The rhythm pickup has a great full clean tone where as the treble gives a more raw sound but can sound great when used properly.  The guitar has a pretty good variety of sound with good sustain.                      

Action, Fit & Finish: I was very pleased with the condition I got the guitar, everything seemed in good shape.  The action on this guitar is wonderful, lovely to play.

Reliability & Durability: The guitar seems very durable and the finish is lasting well.  I can depend on this guitar very much. The On the whole a reliable guitar.                   

Overall Impression: The music I play is mainly blues and 70's Rock.  I bought a Les Paul because all of the guitartists I was most impressed with played Les Pauls.  This guitar is very well suited for playing my kind of music.  This was the first electric I got and I'm very proud of it.  I love the look of the guitar and the sound is just amazing.  I would highly recommend this electric for a first electric guitar as it sets you up nicely for the real deal. 

Sigma DMC 1STE

Sigma DMC 1STE BK Black


Features: Sigma Guitars was launched in 1970 and has since established an excellent reputation amongst musicians. They produce outstanding quality guitars with solid construction and amazing sound quality. Sigma pay their undivided attention to every step of the construction process with specially trained staff in the most efficient guitar factories in Japan before being sent to the US for inspection.

Reliability & Durability: Sigma guitars are very popular. There are forums, websites and fanpages dedicated to them and its rare to see a second hand one on the market. All of that speaks volumes about the quality and care that goes into making them and how well they play and with a wide range to choose from you're sure to find a guitar that works for you.

With a mahogany bottom and sides and a solid spruce top this guitar has really well rounded bass and treble. It's an incredibly versatile instrument so you can easily play any style you want. Grover tuners and a bone nut mean your strings will stay in tune longer which means you spend less time stopping to re-tune and more time playing.

If you're new to playing guitar you want one that's comfortable, well setup and easy to play and Sigmas are a great choice that wont hurt your wallet. While you're learning your guitar will take a bit of a bashing, this guitar is tough enough to bear with you while your technique improves.

If you're a more experienced player you'll find the great mid range tone and restrained bass make finger picking sound fantastic but when you need to do some serious strumming you still get a brilliant tone

Kitty - Self Build Telecaster Kit

img 3085

Features: This guitar started life as a kit from Stellah out of Ireland. It didn't come with a wiring diagram so on contacting the reseller, I learned that the kit was actually built in China by a company called Sunsmile Guitars. Sunsmile has had over 20 years of experience in the musical instrument industry, and are specialists in all type of guitars. They say they are committed to providing quality products with the latest fashion trends and provide their customers with the latest styles in professional guitars at the best prices.

They use exclusively, seasoned and hand-picked wood to make their instruments.

Reliability & Durability: It is hard to determine the reliability or its durability as I only finished the guitar in April 2016.

With a swamp ash body and a maple neck and fingerboard. It plays very well sounds exactly like what you'd expect from a Telecaster. I have used the Planet Waves auto trim machine heads and would recommend them to anyone. I replaced the plastic nut with a brass one which increases the sustain. I knew from the start I was going to replace the standard pickups supplied and after a lot of research, I chose the Seymour Duncan Qharter Pounder single coil telecaster set.

Although I love the Nitrocellulose candy apple red paint I used, I find that I am afraid of damaging it. Maybe once I get the first nick or scratch, I will treat it much more like the other guitars


Ashley - My Jazzmaster build


 Ashley is my second self built guitar. She is made from a solid Ash hardwood body and a maple neck with Rosewood finger board. The proportions are not exact though as I purchased a Jazzmaster scratchplate and drew the guitar based on this. I have installed seymour Duncan P-90s.







Natalie - My first true design


Natalie is my first attempt at a unique design. I have fitted a Freeway 6-way switch and wired it so that I can select between the split coil humbuckers and single coil setup. So far I love it and play it quite a bit. I used Rustins plastic coating over the natural Walnut top and back with a Mahogany body and 24.75" scale neck. It was definately not the easiest product to use and feel I could have done better. It does play very well and sounds beautiful. The Stetsbar tremolo bridge was well worth the money as well 



Clementine - Watch this space!


Clementine is my newest build and is still under construction. She will be my first electric 12 string guitar and based roughly on images I saw and liked on Pinterest. I designed the scratchplate and control covers myself and found someone to make them for me. She will be a bright orange colour when finshed hence the name. Can't wait to see how it turns out :)


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